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    Staff skills contest contest held successfully

    Date:2016/9/3 9:44:57

    May 11, 2016 the company staff skills contest competition events scheduled. The contest total assembly workshop, injection workshop, stamping plant and other eight teams participating, company executives and departments responsible for the scene to observe the game, and the award for the winning team.

    Contest contest project is divided into two written tests and practical operation of the site links, site link in the practical operation, the participating teams in kind provided by the production line, complete the appropriate steps within the specified time, and then a combination of factors efficiency, quality and completion of competitions, etc. ; written part, the players each team representative within the specified time to complete the corresponding questions project to high scores for the ranking is based.

    After fierce competition, and ultimately, an assembly line, injection night and accessories from Line 2 team won the game, respectively, first, second and third prize.

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