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    Division I in 2016 organized a series of activities new employee orientation

    Date:2016/9/3 9:42:23

    To help new employees become familiar with and understand our history and the development of cultural heritage, as soon as possible to change its role, accurate positioning, with full enthusiasm and attitude into collective ownership, develop their sense of teamwork and cooperation, enhance their collective sense of honor and pride, leaders of the new employee orientation work has given high priority in all sectors with the support of the department of management on June 20 to June 22 organized a series of new employee orientation activities.

    The orientation activities rich, diverse, mainly by the new employee admission educational seminars, workshops, networking show new employees, expand training, group discussions, training and other activities summary composition.

    June 22 morning, the company organized the seminar new employees, company leaders, department heads, staff representatives and the old new recruits in-depth discussion. Leadership of the company welcomed the new employees to join, but also to raise their expectations and requirements. Require new employees change roles quickly, adapt to the environment, into the working state, so that the work done prior life, cultivate a sense of responsibility, dedication and the courage to act in the spirit of new employees at the meeting expressed confidence and determination, and a large crown many colleagues to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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