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    Division I passed the annual audit of quality management system

    Date:2016/9/3 9:40:21

    November 8, 2015, China Audit Group Quality Certification Center of the Division I ISO9001: Operation 2008 quality management system have been reviewed, the various functional departments of the company to accept the audit, and ultimately to achieve unanimous approval of the audit team, passed the quality annual management system audit.

    The audit process, the audit team carefully listened to reports on the situation related to the person in charge, asked in detail about the problem, look carefully at the quality of the site and look up the archives. That the company pay attention to system management, earnestly implement the various requirements of the file system, on-site quality measures are in place, and no major quality problems. Audit experts running the company's quality management system to give full recognition that the quality management system operating effectively, meet the certification requirements, supervision and audit by the China Quality Certification Center. Meanwhile, the audit team did imperfections corrective recommendations, and with representatives of the company managers to communicate effectively and exchange. I hope you continue to focus on management and operation system, to further improve the system of consciousness, continues to advance.

    Since 2014, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification since, after several continuous improvement of internal and external review system construction, has achieved significant results, passed this quality management system annual surveillance audits, marking the company's overall management and to a new level, the company's continuous improvement to raise the overall level of management will play a positive role in promoting.

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