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    Seize the current production in full swing big battle to lay the season

    Date:2016/9/3 9:29:04

    Since September, the company orders pour in, the products in short supply, the production season battle officially started! Faced with extremely hot weather, production is busy, the task is arduous and other difficulties, all DAGUAN people work together, all soldiers seize the quality and quantity of production, a big current, and write the people's blood surging season Pegasus march.

    Manufacturing - overtime, and constantly refresh a new high yield

    Scorching September, but did not stop the passion DAGUAN people busy in full swing production. Entering the workshop will be able to see, the production line machine fully operational; looked focused frontline workers working overtime to produce task orders; meticulous quality inspector to check the quality of each product, strict quality control to ensure order task Pipi qualified, quality and quantity; the bulk of the products are shipped in batches, warehouse keeper rapid inventory of goods, loading orderly arrangement, with one busy scene is booming.

    Production workshop greeted every face is full of energy, the most heard is the voice of "Hurry up, hurry up!" DAGUAN company's new high yield is being constantly refreshed, a new record and a history of being a breakthrough.

    Department of Management - Take Measures for sales booming escort

    To protect the production work carried out efficiently, DAGUAN company held a special meeting mobilization logistics, firepower, peak production will safeguard mechanism to refine and deepen, normalization, a comprehensive solution to the production line to worry about in the course of their work, and to build management support, logistics service support line production unit solid backing.

    Instant adjustment canteen food structure, increase the heat down summer, nutritious food supply, and the addition of herbal tea, green bean soup recipe for fighting in the front line of production staff refreshing thirst, to ensure that they eat well, drink well; craft group early on production equipment for the maintenance, to ensure the full functioning of the machine can not affect; procurement through the establishment of specialized raw materials procurement system, strict quality control of raw materials, improve procurement efficiency; at the same time with the upstream suppliers formed a long-term strategic partnership, to ensure production can achieve high-quality, stable, cost-competitive supply of materials; the Ministry of Finance Story all, withstood the pressure, the use of ERP systems to integrate data, expedite the review contracts, bills, statements and the like.

    In the future, DAGUAN Ningxinjuli will continue under the "seek win-win cooperation for development" business philosophy under the guidance, integration of industrial chain resources, the progressive realization of the next three years, sales revenue reached 500 million yuan sales target.

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