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    Company management system to carry out internal audit activities

    Date:2016/9/3 9:27:56

    April 12 --16 days, internal auditing group under the leadership of a management representative on the management system operation of the various departments of a company audit. The audit found that the various departments in the information communication, supervision and inspection, there is a problem or that many aspects of the rectification verification, material management and other non-compliant equipment. According to the audit team members review the situation, out of a total 14 untrue, and live out nonconformance 11.

    OIA is a comprehensive annual supervision and inspection, aimed at finding a management system in operation problems and deal with the problems of corrective and preventive, in order to promote corporate governance standards of continuous improvement. The audit and inspection work has been completed, the next focus of the work of the audit team is to urge the audited departments according to the problems found in self-correction and giving top priority to discover new problems and corrective actions. The audit team will at the appropriate time to verify the rectification of track.

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