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    Note of electric pressure cooker

    Date:2016/8/17 12:04:04

    1, prohibit the use of this product in a wet environment;
    2, the inner pot can not be empty burning or put on other heat source to cook;
    3, the inner pot into the pot before the inner pot and heating plate wipe clean, after the rotation about the inner pot, to keep the inner pot and heating plate full contact;
    4, can not damage the sealing ring can not be replaced by other aprons;
    5, electric pressure cooker began to work, the pressure limiting valve must be set to the sealing position;
    6, anti blocking cover and sealing ring should be regularly cleaned to keep clean, but also in order to ensure the sealing of the pot;
    7, the float valve did not fall, can not be forced to open the cover;
    8, pressure limiting valve can not add any weight or other items instead;
    9, if the pot boiling liquid food (porridge, sticky food), not immediately dial pressure limiting valve, otherwise the soup will be ejected from the exhaust pipe;
    10, a pressure limiting valve deflated, please do not close to the hands and face the pressure limiting valve exhaust pipe, steam scald to avoid being discharged;
    11, move the products, please handle end of the outer pot, do not put the lid on the handle.

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