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    Safety protection of electric pressure cooker

    Date:2016/8/17 12:03:42

    One, cover safety device - to ensure that the cover and the outer pot is not covered in place no pressure, the pressure can not be opened when the pot cover.

    Two, automatic pressure control, the pressure through the pressure switch can be controlled in a certain range of pressure to ensure that the pressure is not high.

    Three, pressure limiting safety device - when the pressure switch control failure to exceed the working pressure, automatic exhaust valve began to exhaust. (probability 1/10000)

    Four, the anti blocking cover safety device - exhaust valve on the anti blocking cover to prevent the exhaust port plug, ensure smooth exhaust. (1/10000 probability 10)

    Five, safety relief device, when the pressure switch failure, pressure rise of the exhaust valve has been blocked, the inner pot inside the pot to move down, leaving the sealing ring from the periphery of the pot cover exhaust. But because of the pressure to ensure high explosive. (a probability of 1 billion)

    Six, temperature limiting safety device when the improper use of the air burning or not placed inside the pot, automatically disconnect the electric disc power, when the temperature drops and recovery heating.

    Seven, over temperature safety device is provided with a temperature fuse, when the temperature reaches the limit, automatically cut off the power supply, and can not automatically reset.

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