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    Electric pressure cooker is what?

    Date:2016/8/17 12:00:33

    Electric pressure cooker, is a traditional electric pressure cooker upgrade products, easy to operate, multi-function, time saving, energy saving, environmental protection, is an intelligent kitchen appliances. Electric pressure cooker inside a pressure limiting valve, float valve, pressure switch, temperature limiter, heating plate, anti blocking cover and other parts, cooking through the built-in computer program can set a variety of cooking procedures according to the food and nutrition of food, taste and nutrition of the control is more precise. Electric pressure cooker function in electric cooker, pressure cooker, stewing pot, electric cooker, oven in one, in addition to the ordinary electric pressure cooker has the functions of steaming, boiling and stewing, stew, also has a specialty cooking function, such as anhydrous baked, soup, cake etc..

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