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    The Japanese rob rice cooker: angered dongdajie, "fire" Lei Jun

    Date:2016/8/17 11:57:55

    On March 7, 2016 news, I believe we must remember, in the beginning of last year, Chinese people went berserk Japanese rice cooker and the toilet lid case! Is being held in NPC and CPPCC, this topic has been raised, but the difference is that the "electric cooker" topic has aroused high attention, and the reason is of course Dong Mingzhu and Lei again.

    At the meeting, Dong Mingzhu stressed again by "rewrite the core technology China manufacturing", when it comes to Japan's panic buying rice cooker topic, Dong sister said: "I was very angry, very angry" abroad to buy Rice Cookers' thing, it really hurt my nerve. I feel very sorry, but also very sad. There is no reason why so many manufacturing enterprises in China, even an electric rice cooker do not do well."

    In the afternoon of 6 Guangdong delegation open delegation's speech, Lei Jun is also about electric cooker, said "I think everyone is at the early stage of superstitious foreign products, then I carefully studied the electric cooker about Japan, found that the Japanese rice cooker is doing very good. First, using the IH electromagnetic heating technology, direct heating of the metal liner, the entire tank surrounded by heating, uniform heating. The thermal conductivity of the metal liner, demanding. Followed by compression, pressure to make rice soft glutinous incense. Let the rice cooker dance on the inside, so Steamed Rice taste and nutrition has increased dramatically. The current technical level of Japanese rice cooker is far more than the domestic level."

    Millet is a smart mobile phone started electricity supplier, but its products include intelligent devices, networking, intelligent charging treasure, Home Furnishing patchboard, charging treasure and other types of products, so nicknamed "the grocery store". From Lei Jun's speech can be seen, the rice cooker has become the next focus of attention, and have conducted in-depth study.

    Comprehensive information on all guess, millet is likely to launch electric rice cooker products, if it is so, then the millet grocery shop of this title, it is more worthy of the name!

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