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    IH electric rice cooker must be good?

    Date:2016/8/17 11:53:16

    As Chinese tourists went to Japan to buy rice cooker news reports, began to make people pay attention to the daily life of our daily life has a close relationship with the rice cooker, but also began to pay attention to the purchase of rice cooker. The current most popular and recognized by the consumer electric rice cooker is IH rice cooker, but IH rice cooker is really better than the traditional hot plate heating cooker?

    Speaking of rice cooker, we have to recall the history of its development. The electric cooker altogether has experienced six stages: electric cooker - timing electric cooker temperature controlling electric cooker - ic electric cooker -IH heating cooker electric heating pot. But the electric cooker now has 60 years of history. You may not know is the world's first electric cooker is Japanese invention, as with rice as the staple food of the nation, they now have been very focused on the Steamed Rice taste, so continue to carry out improvement and technology innovation of electric cooker.

    And the development of our domestic rice cooker can be summed up in a simple summary of the three processes. Japan invented magnet electric cooker in Chinese by large-scale production - follow Japan plastic and electronic "beauty pot" - Japan IH electric cooker by Chinese people in pursuit of domestic enterprises to imitate. China's electric rice cooker seems to have been imitating Japan, and did not take the initiative to carry out technological innovation. The reason we do not go to the bottom. You only need to know the fact of our country, the electric cooker development than Japan late 20 years, the gap between the as can be imagined.

    IH electric cooker now most consumers also came from Japan, China tourists to Japan panic buying rice cooker is news stabbed domestic cooker manufacturers in the heart, but never thought is to save the China rice cooker industry is actually a selling mobile phone -- the first millet IH launched a meter electric cooker, and threatened to make Chinese rice cooker sold to japan. This seems ironic in the industry. But it is also an act of millet has greatly promoted the development of domestic electric rice cooker. At the same time there are a lot of expensive IH rice cooker on the market, then IH rice cooker is really good?

    IH full name is called Heating Induction, that is, electromagnetic heating. Electromagnetic heating of the heat than traditional electric rice cooker heating plate, and the induction cooker. IH electric rice cooker and hot plate compared to the heating cooker, in addition to the bottom, the inner walls are fitted with the electromagnetic oven, such benefits are more uniform heating. In addition, IH heating of the hot plate is more easy to control temperature, can be a good control of the pot of rice tumbling and convection. However, the temperature control of electric rice cooker mainly depends on the temperature sensor and pressure sensor, in the case of the same level of the sensor, the heat source reaction speed, but also can not break the limit of the sensor. For a kind of statement is like, you have a 1080P screen, the processor can play 4K video, but you see the effect of 1080P or.

    In addition, IH heating cooker and some mishap. The first is more complex, which means that the damage probability increases greatly, especially in the low-end products; on the other hand, it also increases the cost of the electric cooker heater parts, the same price of the product, the comprehensive performance of the electric cooker may instead as hot plate heating. Followed by the increase in power consumption, high-end products are not much difference, but in the low-end products on a lot of difference. And electromagnetic heating must be required for fan cooling, it is easy to understand the noise of the electromagnetic oven. Through the use of better fans and optimization of the air duct, the current high level of IH electromagnetic heating electric rice cooker can reduce noise to 45dB, the low-end product noise may be close to 60db. And the electric cooker heated by the hot plate has almost no noise during the operation. This also confirms that everything has two sides, there is a good side also has a bad side, the main basis for judging or according to the individual.

    The electric cooker and our daily life are closely linked, every family is one of the essential appliances, but if blindly follow the trend of selection of electric cooker IH rice cooker or Japan, presumably which would have no problem of small details, we all know. Although the domestic electric rice cooker is not as powerful as Japan's so advanced, but small make up or feel the choice of suitable for their own is the most important.

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