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    The company makes a concerted effort, the successful completion of the relocation

    Date:2016/8/15 11:54:08

    In order to expand production capacity, the end of December 2014, the company carried out the relocation of factories, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the relocation of factories to ensure the normal operation of production, the company co-ordinate planning, held a special two weeks in advance will be deployed, supply needs to communicate with customers, work overtime Organization reserve finished; various sector organizations use idle time to work overtime to clean up, straighten out their information and goods, packaged ready identification process; relocation of the company leadership team itemized inspection adjustment decoration, furniture selection, process layout of the new plant site , equipment and warehouse demolition package, Internet and telephone network docking debugging, as well as water, electricity, gas distribution and installation, pre-engineering progress of work.

    All employees in the relocation process fulfill their duties, fully reflects the high degree of coordination, dedication and sense of team, so that the successful completion of the relocation of factories, the company in early January 2015, the full restoration of normal business and production run.

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