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    The company passed the EICC audit certification

    Date:2016/8/15 11:48:10

    August 10, 2015, CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. for the Division I EICC audit, the audit team through field visits, verification of classification, photographed, etc., for our work environment, labor policy, production processes, environmental impact, etc. aspects of careful verification with reference to the EICC audit of our present situation index score, eventually, after review of the audit team, our labor standards, health and safety, environmental responsibility, management systems and ethics and other aspects of performance, compliance with EICC (version 5.0) certification requirements.

    We always adhere to the implementation of "Environment, health and safety, labor and moral guidelines," continued the introduction of hardware and software management facilities,

    Environmental efforts to improve employee productivity, improve employee well-being and sense of belonging, under the guidance of industry standard EICC continued optimization of enterprise management, and actively committed to social responsibility, adhere to the people-oriented principle and strive to return to the community and employees.

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