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    AWE2016 appliances Consumer Electronics Show opening to create a global ecosystem of home appliances

    Date:2016/8/15 11:43:55


    DoNews March 9 news (reporter Wang Jinbao) Chinese home appliance and consumer electronics Expo - Shanghai 2016 (Appliance & electronics World Expo, referred AWE2016) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held this AWE theme of "Internet + your home", intended to full of "internet +" optimization and integration in the home appliance industry to become eco-smart and show the future of the family vision innovation showcase internet.



    It is understood that the number of pavilion AWE2016 increased to 7, showing an area of 100,000 square meters, more than 600 domestic and foreign exhibitors, covering white goods, kitchen appliances consumption intelligent application of life electrical home appliances and electronics,,,, environment and health , part of the seven areas. Show greatly enhance the size outside, the number of exhibitors also hit a new high.

    According to organizers, AWE2016 the occupied seven exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall W1-W5 and E1-E2 Museum, where, W1 comprehensive museum exhibition hall and parts category, W2 hall comprehensive category and consumer electronics Hall, W3 Pavilion comprehensive category and consumer electronics shop, W4 electrical life for the museum hall, W5 Hall for the environmental and health appliances Hall, E1 Hall of kitchen appliances Hall, E2 Hall was the first time in history into a separate museum AWE smart home Museum .

    China Household Electrical Appliances Association Jiang Feng at the opening ceremony, said: "In the AWE2016, we can see the positive changes in the supply-side reform after the appliance industry intelligence, green, high-end become the development trend of home appliances and consumer electronic products, household electrical appliance enterprises. actively through technical innovation, quality improvement and increased sub-category to enrich and improve the supply of home appliances, to meet consumer demand to upgrade, but also to the industry to bring new growth momentum. "

    It is noteworthy that, AWE2016 Chinese name officially changed its name to "China's home appliance and consumer electronics fair." Organizers said the exhibition Chinese name change, reflecting the AWE will take past achievements towards a wider area. After several years of rapid growth, the consumer electronics field AWE become the most growth potential, but also the most important content. Current exhibitors can not simply use the 'black' and 'white' to distinguish and define, household appliances, 3C digital products such as cross-border integration trend has become more apparent.

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